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Practice Areas

We mediate and arbitrate a broad range of disputes and have experience in a variety of cases.  Here is a sample of the types of cases we handle:

Employment and Employee Benefits

  • Harassment, discrimination or wrongful discharge
  • Retaliatory discharges
  • Wage and hour disputes
  • Claims for denial of employee benefits
  • Breach of fiduciary duty claims
  • Whistleblower claims

Business and Commercial

  • Internal organizational and/or workplace disputes
  • Contract Disputes
  • Customer relations disputes
  • Family business and succession planning disputes.

Mediation Services:

Mediation allows parties to resolve their disputes privately, quickly and less expensively than drawn-out litigation. We work to help those in conflict to find areas of agreement and help the parties agree on a result. Mediation is an especially effective method to settle employment, benefit or business disputes because it allows for party control, confidentiality, speed, and simplicity. Mediation is a party-driven process, but the mediator’s knowledge, skill, experience, and style may have a substantial impact on the resolution of the dispute.

Arbitration Services:

Arbitration is a process of bringing a dispute before a neutral third-party or parties, an arbitrator or panel of three arbitrators, selected by the parties, for a hearing and a binding decision. It is different than mediation because the arbitrator hears evidence and serves as the decision maker in out-of-court, less formal proceeding. Arbitration is usually faster, more flexible, and less costly than traditional civil litigation.

Workplace Conflict Resolution and “Speediation”

As an additional alternative to respectfully resolving disputes, we also provide conflict consulting services for individuals and organizations with ongoing relationships. Workplace conflict resolution is an attempt to resolve a dispute in mediation with a trained neutral who encourages the parties to openly discuss the issues in a way that can change their working relationship. The mediator works with the participants to engage in a dialogue that helps them recognize their respective points of view and the determine how the can resolve their dispute.

We also work with employers to assist them to correct or improve working relationships, to improve performance and/or organizational effectiveness, to help implement change, and as a preventive measure, to resolve interpersonal disputes or aggression, to reduce the risk of administrative charges, claims or lawsuits. We assist employers in resolving day-to-day workplace conflicts themselves by using mediation and non-violent communication techniques.