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Areas of Practice

Areas of Practice

Margaret M. Koesel & Co. focuses on providing employment, benefit and commercial mediation and arbitration services, as well as conflict consulting services for individuals and organizations with ongoing relationships.

Committed to Resolution of Your Dispute

We are committed to working with parties to resolve disputes before litigation starts, or at an appropriate time during a litigated matter, because mediation allows the parties to do more than pick a winner or loser. It gives them the opportunity to decide among themselves how to resolve their conflict and the terms on which they will resolve it.

We also work as neutral arbitrators with parties who wish to have a neutral resolve their dispute for them. We are committed to making the arbitration process proceed promptly.

Skilled in Conflict Resolution

Mediation Services: Mediation allows parties to resolve their disputes privately, quickly and less expensively than drawn-out litigation. Mediation is an especially effective method to settle employment, employee benefit or business disputes because it allows for party control, confidentiality, speed, and simplicity. Mediation is a party-driven process, but as mediators who have trained with thought leaders in conflict resolution, our knowledge, skill, experience, and style may have a substantial impact on the resolution of the dispute.
We work to help those in conflict to find areas of agreement and help the parties agree on a result. We are committed to listening and working with all participants. We take the time to look beyond the constraints the parties perceive and apply available resources to sort out those barriers to resolution. We work tirelessly to help the parties close their case and are committed to resolving the dispute with patience and tenacity.

Arbitration Services: We also provide arbitration services for employment, employee benefit, and business disputes, which allows parties to bring their dispute before a neutral third-party selected by the parties, for resolution and a binding decision. Arbitration is usually faster more flexible and less costly than traditional civil litigation, and we work to get a matter heard expediously.

Conflict Consulting: We also work with employers to assist them to correct or improve working relationships, to improve performance and/or organizational effectiveness, to help implement change, and as a preventive measure, to resolve interpersonal disputes or aggression, to reduce the risk of administrative charges, claims or lawsuits

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